Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2, 29th December 2021, Written Update: Priya finds out about Ram’s birthday

In today’s episode, Meera talks to Priya and says she can empathize with Vedika. Priya tells she’ll tell Ram about Vedika’s situation. Vedika tells Nandini that Priya should know about her relationship with Ram and then she’ll get upset and they can get rid of her. Nandini says she wants to get rid of Priya soon. At the cafe, Sara tells Brinda and Adi that Priya made food as Vedika was home too. Brinda asks why didn’t Vedika go back yet. Sara wonders why they’re reacting differently. Adi calls Ram and tells him to send Vedika. Ram tells him that Priya wanted her to stay. Aadi cuts the call pissed at him. 

Sara asks Brinda what happened and Brinda changes the topic to Ram’s birthday. Sid and Shubham come to the office. Priya asks Shubham about Ram’s birthday. Shubham tells June and tells he doesn’t remember exactly. Priya says it’s weird how every family member says different dates. Priya asks Adi about Ram’s birthday and he says it’s in January. Priya tells Adi that they’ll plan a surprise. Adi agrees. Ram asks Vedika if she should drop her back as she should stay with Shashi. Vedika tells Priya stopped her and Nandini asks why would she do such a thing and says maybe because she has seen failed marriages in her house. Ram says he’ll talk to Vedika but Nandi stops him and says she should take the decision. 

Ram calls Priya and Priya asks him about his birthday. He tells it’s in January and Priya thinks his family only doesn’t know his birthday. Ram asks Priya why did she stop Vedika from going home. Priya says it’s because she wanted them both to become calm as they were fighting. Ram tells Priya that she has a different approach to marriages as she’s only seen failed marriages. Priya gets shocked.

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