How to live longer: Swap beef burgers for plant based to help boost your longevity

In the largest-ever nutritional comparison of beef and alternative burgers, a University of Massachusetts Amherst analysis found that packaged beef burgers on average contain more calories, protein, fat and cholesterol – and less sodium and fibre – than imitation and veggie burgers.

Published in the International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition, the findings were based on an analysis of 158 products – 89 veggie burgers, 41 conventional burgers and 28 imitation burgers.

Other major studies from the US and China also found that processed beef patties were associated with a heightened risk of death of 10 to 13 percent.

Like switching from pork bacon to turkey bacon, switching to plant-based burgers could help to significantly reduce your risk of age-related diseases and boost longevity.

The life-shortening effect of red meat may be due to increased cholesterol, iron, preservatives and cancer-causing compounds that are produced when meat is cooked at high temperatures.

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