‘Jersey’: Mrunal Thakur reveals Shahid Kapoor’s instructions while shooting slapping scene | Hindi Movie News

Mrunal Thakur and Shahid Kapoor are currently on a promotional spree for their upcoming film, ‘Jersey‘. In a recent interaction, Mrunal Thakur who essays the role of Shahid’s ladylove in the film opened up about his instructions while shooting the slapping scene.

In the Jersey trailer, we saw Mrunal shouting at Shahid who stands looking at the floor. Just before slapping him, she screamed, “Are you listening to me? At least look at me.” She then hits him hard across the face but Shahid still didn’t react.

While talking to News18 on the slapping scene the actress said that she was really scared and didn’t want to spoil Shahid’s performance. She revealed that she was worried because what if she ended up hurting him a lot. But Kapoor asked her to slap him harder.

Thakur further revealed that they did a lot of retakes and the slap is real. They shot for this particular scene in the initial four or five days of shooting when she was trying to find the rhythm in her character and this scene really got her going.

Yesterday, the producers of ‘Jersey’ said the film has been pushed yet again amid a surge in the coronavirus cases in the country and concerns over the Omicron variant. The news of the film being delayed for the fourth time and the announcement came just three days before its countrywide release in theatres on December 31.

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