The 3 things I hear constantly.

Taking a seat in the gym reception area, I started chatting with my newest client Charlotte*.

“So, tell me a bit about why you joined the gym?” I asked, excited to find out how I could help her kickstart her fitness journey.

“I just really want to get toned, and get rid of this,” Charlotte confessed – grabbing her stomach and pointing at it in disgust.

“All I want is a flat stomach, to get rid of my cellulite and look good in a bikini – if I can achieve that then I’ll be happy,” Charlotte sighed. “I just feel so miserable about myself!”

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A lump formed in my throat as I continued our consultation, heartbroken that Charlotte had placed so much value on her physical appearance and believed that if she looked a different way that she would finally be happy.

I couldn’t wait to help Charlotte discover that there is so much more to her health and happiness than how she looks.

As a personal trainer, I work with numerous women on a daily basis with ages ranging from 20 to 60 years old. I’ve never been surrounded by such a diverse group of females and have come to realise that regardless of their age or background, there are certain beliefs these women have about their bodies, exercise and food that aren’t too dissimilar. 

Having trained over 100 women in the past year, here are the top 3 things they all have in common. 

1. They all have something they think needs ‘fixing.’

If there’s one sentence I’ve heard more times than I can count, it’s when a client says “I’ll be happy when I can change X.”

Many women I see who are already within a healthy weight range will tie an expectation of ‘future happiness’ to an arbitrary scale weight, dress size or other physical change. Some will send me photos of Instagram models who have worked with professional photographers to curate picture perfect images and request to look exactly like them. 

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