Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, 29 December 2021, Written Update: Abhimanyu helps Akshara

Today we see that Abhimanyu thanks Akshara for helping him in treating the patient and the latter gets emotional as she recalls their moments. On the flip side, Mahima asks Manjiri to replace the wedding ring as its design is very old fashioned. Manjiri decides to change the ring as she wants Aarohi to remember every moment of their wedding. Harshvardhan in the meantime time pesters Aarohi to find the photograph as it is the only proof which can expose them in front of both the families. Akshara feels that she cannot afford to loose Aarohi at any cost and thus decides to ignore Abhimanyu and behave according to her family. 

Kairav prays to god and requests the almighty to give his family members what they deserve so that everyone lives a joyful life. Abhimanyu gets confused when he finds that Akshara is disturbed since she has helped him in treating the patient. After a while, Harshvardhan gets an idea and decides to delete the CCTV footage of the medical camp, so that no one gets an idea of what had happened in the camp. Aarohi finds Anand and Mahima walking towards him and decides to divert their attention so that Harshvardhan can delete the footage. 

Goenkas worry for Akshara as she does not return to their house and Aarohi informs Manish that she had left the hospital long back. Abhimanyu gets restless and starts searching for Akshara along with Neel when he learns that she hasn’t returned to the Goenka house. Harshvardhan asks the Goenkas to calm down and assures that Akshara will be stuck in some work. Furthermore, Abhimanyu finds Akshara stranded in a deserted location as her car breaks down in the midway. Akshara hugs Abhimanyu as she was unable to contact her family members due to the poor network connectivity. 

We have seen this episode on channel’s OTT platform.

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