15 of Top Plant-Based Recipes Under Ten Ingredients from 2021!

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Whether you’re coming home from work, getting the kids from school, or just feeling lazy, sometimes you just want to make something very simple. Some days the fridge and pantry are pretty empty because we haven’t had time to grocery shop in a while. That’s when you need a recipe that requires minimal ingredients to make so that you can work with what you have.

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We understand the struggle, so we put together a list of the ultimate 15 plant-based recipes under ten ingredients of 2020. Don’t forget to check out 15 of our Best Plant-Based Recipes Under Ten Ingredients from 2019! and our quick and easy vegan recipes archive!

1. White Bean Brownies

white bean brownies

Source: White Bean Brownies

These White Bean Brownies by Mitra Shirmohammadi are fudgy, gooey, naturally high in protein, and absolutely delicious. You only need 8 simple ingredients (no gluten, dairy, or eggs) and a food processor to whip them up in less than 15 minutes!

2. Easy 20 Minute Garlic Pasta

Easy 20 Minute Garlic Pasta

Source: Easy 20 Minute Garlic Pasta

This Easy 20 Minute Garlic Pasta by Kristen Genton is super easy to make and takes about 20 minutes. If you are a garlic lover, then it is definitely for you. You could also caramelize some onions and add them to the mix as well. The possibilities are endless with this easy 20 Minute Garlic Pasta!

3. The Best Corn and Potato Chowder

The Best Corn and Potato Chowder

Source: The Best Corn and Potato Chowder

The Best Corn and Potato Chowder by Sarah Ottino is great to cook on cold winter nights. It whips up in under an hour and has minimal prep involved. It stores and reheats very well, making this an easy option for meal-prepping. Warm-up with a bowl of this creamy vegan chowder this fall or winter!

4. Double Chocolate Brownie Balls

Double Chocolate Brownie Balls

Source: Double Chocolate Brownie Balls

These small Double Chocolate Brownie Balls by Taavi Moore are chocolatey, rich, soft, and incredibly easy. The perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth.

5. Coconut Chia Pudding

Coconut Chia Pudding

Source: Coconut Chia Pudding

Despite their tiny size, chia seeds are a nutritional powerhouse: they are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, calcium,  fiber, and protein. When mixed with liquid, the fiber-packed seeds resemble tapioca pudding, but with many more nutritional benefits, including boosting energy, aiding digestion, and stabilizing blood sugar. This Coconut Chia Pudding by Lena Ropp is absolutely delicious with any fruits and berries.

6. Copycat Mars Bars

mars bars

Source: Copycat Mars Bars

These Copycat Mars Bars by Kirsten Kaminski make the perfect dessert and they come together without much effort!

7. Peanut Butter Bars

Peanut Butter Bars

Source: Peanut Butter Bars

These Peanut Butter Bars by Harriet Porterfield are super delicious, loaded with protein and sure to please every peanut butter lover. Quick and simple to prepare with just five ingredients! These are a no bake treat to so easy to whip up in a snack emergency.

8. Lentil Pancakes with Leftover Vegan Dal

Lentil Pancakes with Leftover Vegan Dal

Source: Lentil Pancakes with Leftover Vegan Dal

Lentil Pancakes with Leftover Vegan Dal by Priya Lakshminarayan are a power-packed nutritious recipe using leftover dal. They make a healthy vegan breakfast/snack recipe!

9. The Ultimate Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwich

vegan grilled cheese

Source: The Ultimate Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This sandwich nails all the categories you want in grilled cheese: crusty golden brown bread, gooey melted cheese, and a smidgen of color and extra texture from some veggies. You have to try The Ultimate Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwich by Emily von Euw!

10. Apple Almond Butter Snack

Apple Almond Butter Snack

Source: Apple Almond Butter Snack

This fun little snack can be quickly assembled by slicing a small apple and topping it with a thin layer of raw almond butter. Apples and nut butter are nothing new, but somehow the addition of hemp hearts and crunchy cocoa nibs, makes them that much more satisfying. These little sandwiches are perfect for an afternoon snack. They are high in protein, high in fiber, and there is plenty of taste in every bite. You will love Nikki and Zuzana‘s Apple Almond Butter Snack!

11. Spinach and Garlic White Bean Dip

Spinach and Garlic White Bean Dip

Source: Spinach and Garlic White Bean Dip

This Spinach and Garlic White Bean Dip by Katherine Vaught is a must-try! This healthy white bean dip is packed with antioxidants and nutrients thanks to some spinach and fresh garlic.

12. Easy Vegetable Pasta Salad

Easy Vegetable Pasta Salad

Source: Easy Vegetable Pasta Salad

This light and refreshing Easy Vegetable Pasta Salad by Maria Koutsogiannis is full of fresh vegetables and flavor with the Jalapeno Tomatillo Dressing.

13. Creamed Greens

Creamed Greens

Source: Creamed Greens

This simple recipe for Creamed Greens by Rouxbe is a great use for cashew white sauce and a wonderful side dish highlighting nutrient-dense dark greens.

14. Turmeric Sauerkraut 


Source: Turmeric Sauerkraut 

This small-batch Turmeric Sauerkraut by Jamie Raftery takes only 15 minutes of hands-on time before mother nature takes over to cultivate those magical live probiotics.

15. Chocolate Salami 

chocolate salami

Source: Chocolate Salami 

Easy no-bake Chocolate Salami by Teri Macovei ready in fifteen minutes. It’s positively delicious and packed with rich chocolate-rum flavours, a perfect weekend indulgence alongside a cup of tea or to show off at a dinner party.

Learn How to Cook Plant-Based Meals at Home

baked samosa flautas

Reducing your meat intake and eating more plant-based foods is known to help with chronic inflammation, heart health, mental wellbeing, fitness goals, nutritional needs, allergies, gut health, and more! Unfortunately, dairy consumption also has been linked to many health problems, including acne, hormonal imbalance, cancer, prostate cancer, and has many side effects

For those interested in eating more plant-based, we highly recommend purchasing one of our many plant-based cookbooks or downloading the Food Monster App which has thousands of delicious recipes making it the largest vegan recipe resource to help reduce your environmental footprint, save animals and get healthy! And, while you are at it, we encourage you to also learn about the environmental and health benefits of a plant-based diet.

Here are some resources to get you started:

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