Actress Samantha Reveals Her Motivation for Working Out, and it’s Delicious

Samantha Ruth Prabhu has always managed to enchant her fans with jaw-dropping photos and videos on social media. She is often seen going through gruelling gym sessions be it weightlifting, cardio or bodyweight exercises that keep her physique toned. Recently, in one of her Instagram Stories, the actress revealed that it is not just her body for which she follows an active regime. In the short video, Samantha can be seen lifting some heavyweights at the gym while wearing a sporty black tank top. Stacking the barbell with 5 kg plates on each side, Samantha pushes the load above her head with ease. Meanwhile, she also maintains a good posture along with controlled breathing to get the best out of her workout.

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Right after the workout story, Samantha shared a hilarious photo which said a lot about the actress’ guilty pleasures. The photo, which is likely taken by her gym trainer, showed Samantha smiling at a plate of samosas from a distance while still at the gym.

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The plate which had two mouth-watering samosas gracefully placed beside some appetizing chutneys seems to be one of the motivations for the actress to burn loads of calories at the gym. Munching on a samosa is indeed not advised while you chase your fitness goals. But at the same time experts suggest that one can burn those extra calories by putting extra effort during the workout, and Samantha could be truly seen doing that.

Apart from the strenuous weight training at the gym, the actress even chose other modes of exercise to burn the extra fat. From Yoga to even animal flow workout, Samantha has been seen performing a range of activities.

At the end of her Instagram Stories, Samantha shared a thoughtful quote which read “The body becomes what the foods are: As the spirit becomes what the thoughts are. – Ancient Kemetic Proverb”

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Earlier, Samantha had expressed her love for working out when she hit the gym again after suffering from viral fever for 20 days. “Good to be back,” she had written in one of her Instagram Stories.

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