Bigg Boss 15: Rashami Desai breaks down in tears as Rakhi Sawant asks former about her divorce

Rashami Desai tied the knot with her Uttaran co-star Nandish Sandhu in 2012, however, the couple parted ways in 2015. The couple was in the headlines soon after the reports of their divorce surfaced online. In today’s episode of Bigg Boss 15, Rashami Desai broke down into tears after she was asked about her divorce. 

After the task, Rakhi Sawant asked Rashami why she got divorced. Rashami chose to maintain her silence and said that it’s not something she likes to talk about and especially on television since the topic can affect both the people in question. Rashami says, “I don’t want to drag him now, we have moved on in life. I don’t want to throw mud at him now. My problem is that I am not scared of anyone.”

Rakhi then heads to the bedroom, and upset with Rashami, the actress crib to Umar that Rashami had no reservations in quizzing her on personal life, and she answered it all when Rashami asked about it. Moreover, Rakhi further adds that Rashami didn’t think twice before giving her advice. She further said, “bahut shaani hai, dedh shaani hai Rashami Desai.”

Meanwhile, Rashami is seen sitting alone and crying near the pool area. Later, Umar and Rashami talk about the same when the actress says that she had forgotten about it but suddenly hearing about it left her hurt. Rashami further says she was also scared of Umar at that moment. Umar replied to her saying that he really likes her. 

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