Healthy hobbies that retired couples can undertake together

Many seniors struggle with the empty nest syndrome that they experience once their kids grow up and leave their childhood home for work opportunities or marriage. While others are restless at the prospect of a lot of free time after retirement, having worked all their lives. Well, there’s no time like the present to reinvent your life, hand in hand with your spouse. Therefore, we list a few activities that you can undertake with your partner to spice up your golden years and improve your health simultaneously.

  1. Hop up on the latest nutrition trend

Be it clean eating, veganism or even eating raw foods, you can start a healthy diet trend together with your partner. This will give you the opportunity to be cooking together and you can get healthier at the same time! A word of caution- just in case you or your wife are taking any medications or happen to have any dietary restrictions, then do make sure to have your general practitioner or nutritionist approve the diet that you intend to follow before you embark upon your wellness journey.

senior couple activities

  1. Practice Yoga

It’s never too late to get your health back on track and yoga is a neat route to overall wellness. So, steal away an hour from your daily schedule to practice yoga with your partner. All you shall need are a couple of exercise mats and you’re all set. If you are unfamiliar with yoga, but on a tight budget, then you needn’t hire an instructor. Simply check out YouTube videos to beginner yoga sessions or you can also join a virtual class.

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  1. Grow herbs and leafy greens together

As people age, many of them prefer to eat food devoid of pungent spices and chilli. However, home-grown herbs are a great alternative to flavor your meals while adding an element of freshness. So, forget store bought oregano or dried basil and simply grow mustard and basil in your very own backyard. You can also grow your own lettuce, spinach and dill for salads you can cook together. Spending a few hours in the garden daily will let you catch a good dose of sunlight and the relaxing time you spend tending to the saplings will bring you closer.

senior couple gardening

  1. Meditate together for mental fitness

While physical health is important, so is your mental health. Whether it is news of the global pandemic that has you concerned or the tragic demise of friends you cherished for decades, it is critical that you work to maintain your mental health. Ward off depression with a combination of exercise, clean eating and mindful meditation with your loved one.

Since most of these activities are ones that you can resume during lockdown or in the middle of a pandemic, they’re ideal should you wish to bond with your spouse while furthering your wellness goals.

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