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Karishma Tanna is back after her break. The actor took a long break from her fitness routine and had a nice time eating without restrictions, having a cheat meal without the feeling of guilt. Eventually she ended up losing all the muscles that she had built all throughout the year through rigorous exercise.

However, this is not a story of regret. Karishma Tanna loved taking a break from her fitness routine and enjoying her life – especially the last few days of 2021. Before stepping into a fresh new year and a few days left to make the move to 2022, Karishma Tanna is back at the gym and back to building her muscles and starting everything from scratch. The actor shared a short video of her fitness routine on her Instagram profile on Thursday and set the bar higher for us.

Karishma’s focus and dedication towards her fitness routine is noteworthy and it is making us want to grab our gym shoes and run to the gym. Karishma, in the video, can be seen doing several high intensity workouts from lifting weights to working on her arm and shoulder muscles with the help of a gym equipment. With the video, she shared her fitness state of mind – “This December, I have eaten, socialised, cheated and lost all my muscles and stamina. But I am happy about it because I loved taking a break and living my life.”

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She also shared her enthusiasm of starting everything from scratch on her post. With it, she also gave us fresh new fitness goals to conquer in this upcoming year. “The fun of building muscles all over again is a different high. The fun of getting back in shape excites me. This is a message to all. Live your life but come back to a healthy life. Workout, yoga, walking should be a part of our regular life. Let’s try achieving it in the New Year,” read her post.

Workouts comes with multiple health benefits. They help in controlling the weight of the body by shedding the extra kilos. They also help in combating health conditions and boosting energy. Workouts help in promoting better sleep and boosting the mood as well.

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