Kumkum Bhagya, 30 December 2021, Written Update: Prachi foils Alia and Rhea’s plan

In today’s episode, Ranbir says to Rhea that just like he is a mistake in Prachi’s life, she is a mistake in his life and adds that they are caught in a complicated triangle. She says that he married her with his will and that everyone was happy until Prachi returned. Rhea tries to plant a doubt in Ranbir’s mind against Prachi.

Rhea notices Sahana and inquires if she overheard Ranbir and her conversation. Sahana claims she didn’t hear anything and that she only came to protect Prachi from her evil sister. Rhea asks her to get out. Prachi warns Rhea. Rhea says that Ranbir was her love, but Prachi got in the way. Prachi reminds her that Rhea will be leaving in two days. Rhea says that Prachi will leave first.

Rhea approaches Alia, who reminds her of spiking Prachi’s drink. Seeing a shooting star, Prachi hopes her baby arrives quickly and stays healthy. Ranbir hopes Prachi gets whatever she desires.

Sahana tells Prachi that she is misunderstanding Ranbir. Ranbir asks Prachi to think about Sahana’s perspective. Prachi asks him not to take Sahana’s words seriously. He says that her words are hurting him. She replies that his words cause her pain and describes what she has been through in the previous month. He wishes to put an end to the misunderstandings. Ranbir tries to explain his reason for marrying Rhea to Prachi. He claims that he did not cheat on Prachi. Prachi asks him why he did not think of her. 

Alia and Rhea send the spiked juice to Prachi. Ranbir asks Prachi to have it. Prachi refuses to have orange juice as she is allergic to it. This foils Alia and Rhea’s plan. Sahana asks Rhea what she is up to and mocks Rhea’s fear, as if she’s hiding something.

Ranbir questions Prachi about the sudden change in her behaviour. Prachi holds her stomach. When Ranbir looks at her, she pretends to clean her clothes. Ranbir’s friend drinks the drugged drink. Rhea goes to make another drink for Prachi.

We have seen this episode on the channel’s OTT platform.

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