Pre-packaged drinks must have new nutrition labels by end-2022, reflecting sugar and fat levels

The industry is given a year to comply with the new regulations “and reformulate their products to increase the range and variety of healthier choices for Singaporeans”, said MOH.

From Dec 30, 2022, those who breach the regulations face a fine of up to S$1,000. This may be doubled for repeat offenders. 

“The new labelling requirements and advertising prohibitions complement MOH’s and the Health Promotion Board (HPB)’s public education efforts to shift the market towards healthier product offerings, as part of a sustainable long-term approach to reshape consumer behaviour and choices,” the ministry added.

Singaporeans consume 12 teaspoons or 60g of sugar daily on average, MOH noted. More than half of their daily sugar intake comes from beverages, of which pre-packed beverages contribute 64 per cent.

“This is a concern, and more needs to be done to reduce Singaporeans’ sugar intake,” it added.

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