7 best workout stories to motivate you for 2022

Many of us set ourselves fitness goals and have every intention to get moving – but these plans often don’t come to fruition.

If this applies to you, here are seven stories to boost your motivation as you head into the new year.

1. 3 fast morning workouts for all-day energy!

Leading a fast-paced lifestyle leaves little room for staying fit with long workouts – but we’ve got you covered. These quick bursts of exercises are under five minutes each and are a great option when you’re short on time.

According to the article, morning workouts offer plenty of benefits and can set you up perfectly for your day – but the real trick is getting into the habit.

2. How to survive a run when it’s seriously hot outside

The hotter it is, the harder your body has to work. But don’t let a hot summer’s day spoil your running plans. 

Women’s Health shares some great tips that will help you maximise your performance in scorching temperatures.

3. 5 easy steps to help you get into a workout plan (and stick to it)

If you want to beat the “I’ll start tomorrow” trap, this article is for you. 

It boasts scientifically proven tips to overcoming common obstacles and “fitness resistance” – from starting slowly to having a rewards system in place. 

4. Why 7 000 steps a day is the new 10 000 steps a day

Ever felt like the gold standard of 10 000 steps a day to keep fit was unattainable? Well, you might be pleased to know that experts have been questioning the usefulness of this popular regime.

Research published this year showed that not only is 7 000 steps a day more achievable, but it may yield significant health benefits – and reduce your risk of dying by up to 70%.

5. HIIT workouts: Just 15 minutes of intense activity can improve heart health

We don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but heart health awareness needs public awareness, especially since cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death globally. 

On the bright side, low-volume, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, which have increased in popularity over the years, have been shown to improve cardiorespiratory fitness.

Short workouts that give beneficial results? I don’t know about you, but I’m all for it.

6. Need motivation to exercise? A wearable activity tracker might just do the trick

So many ways to exercise, but so little motivation to get started, right?

Here’s a pro tip: Use an activity tracker, be it a smartphone app or a smartwatch. 

According to one study, mobile fitness apps and activity trackers kept people’s motivation fired up and improved activity levels. The ones with text-messaging and personalisation features were found to be even more effective. 

7. Hiking workouts aren’t just good for your body – they’re good for your mind too

Not everyone enjoys workouts indoors. If you prefer hiking in a natural setting, here’s some great news: not only does it have physical health benefits, but does wonders for your mind as well.

One UK researcher wrote that in addition to this “green exercise” decreasing blood pressure, it benefits mental wellbeing by improving mood and reducing depression to a greater extent than exercising indoors.

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