Bigg Boss 15: Rashami Desai breaks down after Rakhi Sawant asks why she got divorced

On Thursday’s episode of Bigg Boss 15, Rashami Desai broke down after Rakhi Sawant asked her how she got divorced. Rashami later told Rakhi that she does not want to be reminded of her past, especially not by her own friends. The ongoing reality show hosted by Salman Khan also saw Umar and Rashami discussing her divorce.

After her fight with Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Rakhi Sawant had a quiet chat with Rashami Desai and she asked the TV actor about her former husband and their divorce. Nandish Sandhu and Rashami got divorced in 2016, just four years after they got married.

Rakhi asked Rashami, “Ek baat puchun, mind nahi karegi personally (May I ask you something, you won’t mind, right)? When Rashami nodded a ‘yes’, she asked, “Tera divorce kyun hua? Nahi batana (Why did you get a divorce? Don’t you want to share?)” When Rashami said she would rather not, Rakhi told her, “Fir jane de, comfortable nahi hai to chor de. Pure duniya ko pata hai tereko clear bilkul nahi karna (Let it be if you are not comfortable. But, don’t you want to clarify for the rest of the world they know about the divorce anyway)?”

Rashami Desai then told her, “Baat wo hai hi nahi. Baat ye hai ki mai mere saath kisi aur insan ka naam liya jayega jo mai nahi chahti hoon. Aur mere koi aise intentions nahi hai. Beet gaya so beet gaya. Aaj wo apni jagah pe acche mukam pe hai, mai kyun bolu kuch? Mere bolne se agar kisi ka bura hoga to mai nahi karti (The issue is not that, it is that I would not like people to take our names and talk about us. I do not want to harm anyone because of anything that I say. I want bygones to be bygones. He is doing fine for himself, why should I say anything? I would rather stay quiet and not harm anyone).” Rakhi then asked her if indeed her speaking about it would mean bad things for the other person.

Rashami then said, “Ha kyunki wo nahi comfortable hai to mai kyu karu, mujhse jitni madad hoti hai mai krti hoon. Mera problem hai mai kisi se nahi darti khud se hi darti hu apne aap ko invest karne me darr lagta hai (Yes, because he is not comfortable so why should I talk about it? I am not scared of anyone,but myself. I am scared of investing myself).” 

She was later seen crying when she was all alone in the garden area. Rakhi also told Umar Riaz that she was upset with Rashami for not answering her questions, despite the fact that she often asked Rakhi about her personal life. “She used to talk about my past life, my husband and even advice me. I just asked her why she got divorced. She told me it is personal, wasn’t my life personal? Tell me where am I wrong?” Umar then said, “Oh that is why she cried? I will go and talk to her.”

He then walked up to Rashami who was crying and said, “It is fine, let go of the past. It has been a long time, right?” He also asked her if she felt Rakhi was trying to get her to say things she may regret later. Rashami said she did not suspect Rakhi of such things. Umar then said, “Then you can tackle her in a better way. Maybe tell her things were not too good between the two of you? The way you reacted will make Rakhi feel bad.”

Rashami then told Umar that her reaction had nothing to do with Rakhi, instead she was just trying to get hold of her own feelings. “I had forgotten but she reminded me and now I am scared. I am scared and sometimes I am even scared of you.” A surprised Umar then asked, “You are scared of me! I have said ‘I like you’ on national television. We can see what happens next once we step out.”

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Late at night, Rashami told Rakhi that she was shocked as she asked her about divorce suddenly. She added that people know about the divorce but she has moved on, and does not want to be reminded about it. Rakhi said that people may still talk about it, and Rashami has no means to avoid the discussion. Rashami agreed with her and added, “I know that, but I do not like my own people doing that. You have known me for a long, you know me and my struggles well. I do not want my own people to remind me of my past.”

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