Bigg Bosss 15: Salman Khan slams Abhijit Bichukale for yawning, yells at Shamita Shetty after she cries

On Friday’s special episode of Bigg Boss 15, Salman Khan will be seen getting angry at the contestants. A promo for the upcoming episode shows he will scold Abhijit Bichukaale for yawning when the host was talking. The Bollywood actor will also speak sternly to Shamita Shetty after she breaks down while trying to explain something. The special episode will also see guests such as Palak Tiwari, Anu Malik, Bharti Singh and husband Harsh Limbachaya and Dharmendra among a few others.

In the promotional video for Friday’s episode, Salman Khan can be seen shouting at Abhijit, “Bichukale! Neend aa rahi hgai aapko? Jao so jao, jaao. Jao bistar pe so jao (Are you feeling sleepy Bichukale? Go and sleep, go. Go to the bed and sleep).” When Abhijit apologised to Salman, the host added, “Ye sab mere saath nahi chalega so jao. Neend aa rahi hai na (All this won’t work with me, go and sleep. Weren’t you sleepy?).”

Scolding the housemates, Salman said, “Task radd karane me aap logo ne PhD kar li. To sanchalak karya radd karaye to bahut galat hai, contestants radd karayein to theek hai (You guys have expertise in getting the tasks cancelled. But is it wrong if the moderator gets the task cancelled, but okay if the contestants get it cancelled)?” 

Shamita Shetty  , referring to a housemate, is also heard saying, “Mai same attitude ke saath kisi aur ke upar nahi chadhne wali hoon. Aap mujhe bol rahe hain mera attitude iski taraf galat hai (I am not going to charge on someone else with the same attitude. You tell me my attitude towards her is wrong)? I do not know what to say.” Salman then interrupted her and said, “Shamita! What the f*** yaar Shamita?” Shamita is then seen getting up and walking away.

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Salman Khan and the contestants also danced to his famous song, Aaj Ki Party Mere Taraf Se, shows the promo. Bharti was also seen in a small skit alongside Dharmendra. Bharti told the veteran actor, “Are you happy watching me, thinking that the pumpkin from your farmhouse is dancing here? I may not be your dream girl, but I am your drum girl.” Dharmendra and Bharti also cracked jokes about Salman Khan being bit by a snake and said it must be Colors promoting their fictional show, Naagin.

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