Boosting your immune system to stay healthy in 2022 –

Edward Jones, the Owner and Founder of Nutrition World in Chattanooga, says it’s important to have the right vitamins and nutrients in your body to empower your immune system. That can come from foods, but often times, you’ll need to add in supplements to stay healthy.

“Policemen can just hang around and reduce crime just because of their presence. Well, that’s what happens with nutritional therapy. It gets the immune system ready to fight, so if something does come in like an enemy – bacteria, a virus – it’s already armed, it’s already strong,” Jones said.

In order to strengthen your immune system, Jones says you have to have the right nutrients.

“One of those is Vitamin C. It’s still a big player in how the immune system works,” he told us.

Other major players in the immune system are probiotics, zinc, and Vitamin D.

“Ninety-two percent of all people who have passed away with the virus are low in Vitamin D,” Jones told us.

Nutrition World has been giving out free Vitamin D to teachers, first responders, and health care workers for the past two years.

NAC is another supplement to boost your immune system.

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