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Delmicron versus Omicron: What should you be more scared of? Signs to watch out for

The Delta variant infected a large population of people during the second COVID-19 wave, which took a drastic toll on our health care system and claimed many lives.

Currently, the rise in Omicron cases is alarming. Global cases are up by 11 percent last week and the numbers have only increased, as per WHO. In India, Omicron cases have reached the 1000 mark and have spread to 23 states so far. However, an outbreak is yet to occur in the country.

Many health experts suggest that the Omicron variant in India could be milder, since a large number of people have already been exposed to the Delta, gaining natural immunity. That said, while the cases may spike during this festive season, no Delmicron cases have been reported so far in the country.

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