Fitness model catches ‘creep’ staring at her at the gym – and shuts him down

A fitness influencer hit back at a guy who was “creeping” on her at the gym.

When she was lifting weights, Makayla Anisa realised she was being stared at.

She was filming her workout at the time and caught the awkward moment on camera.

The Canadian star refused to be intimidated by the gawping stranger.

So instead of giving up on her set, she made eye contact with the gym-goer and glared at him.

Posting her response on TikTok, the 23-year-old said: “I just have to say… If you’re at the gym and some creep won’t stop staring – just stare back and make them uncomfortable.”

Makayla Anisa
Makayla Anisa dealt with the “creep” with style

Makayla added: “Absolutely no one will be ruining my workouts thank you. #DoBetter #GymTips.”

The post has garnered 1.6 million likes on TikTok – and many could relate to the video.

One responder said: “This is exactly what I do!”

Another wrote: “I go to an all girl gym for this reason.

“Sad we even have to think about this.”

Makayla Anisa
Many could relate to Makayla’s post about being ogled at the gym

A third confessed: “My daughter came home in tears because a group of creeps were staring and whistling at her at the gym.

“Dad will be going with her next time.”

And a fourth added: “I love doing this.

“I find screaming WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT to work quite well too.”

Sadly, this isn’t the only gym creep to be exposed on TikTok recently.

Makayla won’t let the experience stop her from working out

Makayla Anisa
Many could relate to her viral video

Earlier this month, a woman accused a man of “following her around” as she worked out.

Meanwhile, a boyfriend said he was “proud” of his partner for calling out a stranger who was being creepy.

And a gym bunny caught a bloke staring at her in the mirror.

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