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Health matters! Immunity boosting diet plans get thumbs up this NY | Health

With Covid cases rising in the Capital, many are booking appointments with dieticians and nutritionists, to get access to immunity-boosting diet plans. Experts say requests around New Year usually increase, but this time they are for a specific reason.

ByAnjuri Nayar Singh, New Delhi

Amid rising Covid cases, Delhiites are approaching their dieticians for immunity-boosting diet plans. Quite a few city-based dieticians claim that enquiries coming their way are more than the usual, and everyone is keen to know tips to build their immunity. “The number of calls that we are getting is so high that I have had to add two more people to my team. In fact, we are even working on our off days,” says Jasleen Kaur, a Delhi-based dietician.

Demand for family plans

In fact, Kaur adds that people want to book packages for the entire family. The dieticians are making sure to include giloy and turmeric in all plans, as well as lots of warm water. “We are getting full family bookings as people are very concerned about the elders in their family as well as kids, especially because they are not vaccinated,” she says. Manvi Aneja, a homemaker from Model Town adds, “My little ones would not eat anything at all, forget about eating healthy. And I’ve been so concerned about their immunities. However, the recipes in our immunity-booster plans have been loved by everyone at home. We are also drinking kadhas as well. Getting everyone on one common plan really helps.”

From thin to fit!

Priorities have drastically shifted because of the recent uptick in Covid cases. “Currently, people’s focus has shifted from being fit, rather than being thin. Gyms have shut and that has also led to a surge of bookings. People have realised that nothing is more important than your health after both the lockdowns,” says Tanvee, Tutlani, a dietician from Naraina. Kavita Kapoor, a teacher from New Friends Colony adds, “I started my immunity-boosting plans once again. Covid hit us so bad in May that I and my family decided that focusing on our health should be our topmost priority right now since there are so many cases in Delhi.”

Diet plus exercises

Moreover, with the diet, people are also asking for exercises to build health. “We are also giving them exercises to improve their respiratory system as well along with our immunity-boosting meal plans now. They don’t want to leave any stone unturned at this time when cases are rising at a rapid speed,” says Monika Manchanda, a nutritionist from Pitampura.

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