Try Not To Laugh

TRY NOT TO LAUGH 😂 | Unusual Memes That Make You Laugh Like The Machine Gun 🤣😂🥵

– Tall people problems just never relate to short people who have it easy
– Who else has had their cat attack their foot while you’re having a peaceful dream?
– When you have a good head on your shoulders , literally it’s way too smooth
– Master sun tzu said to strike your enemies with strategy rather than mere force
– Sometimes God’s signs are vague and mysterious other times his message is loud and clear
– Dogs have incredibly sensitive hearing. Here’s one way to demonstrate that.
– Biology says that males are more territorial than females but when it comes to food science goes out the window
– When McDonald’s gets your order wrong and you have to take actions into your own hands
– It’s Disney’s job to sell the fantasy and dream. When you believe you’re a princess it’s mission accomplished
– Try not to laugh challenge let’s see how well you can refrain from laughing

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