Akshay Oberoi on his US trip amid Omicron scare: Have not been able to meet friends here | Web Series

Actor Akshay Oberoi is in the US with his family for a vacation and he says that he and everyone around him are being extra cautious.

Actor Akshay Oberoi is currently in the US for a family vacation and he says that the situation due to the Omicron crisis is bad there.

“Things are not great and everyone knows that. The case count is very high especially where I am right now. I haven’t been able to see some of my friends, my school friends and college friends because of the Omicron scare,” he tells us.

Oberoi further adds that he and everyone around him are being extra cautious. “A buddy of mine just had a baby in New York but I can’t meet him. It puts a dampener on things but it is just being socially responsible to not meet each other and socially distanced from each other is the name of the game right now. I also have to get back to Indian and back to work. I start shooting on January 7 so I also don’t want to risk it,” he adds.

The Gurgaon (2017) actor, who celebrated his 37th birthday on January 1, says, “I am in New Jersey now with my wife Jyothi and son Avyaan and my in-laws. In the past we have done bigger New Year ’s Eve and birthday. But this time it was a quiet one with my family. But I couldn’t be more excited about having done it this way.”

Oberoi is looking forward to having a great year ahead. He says 2021, which saw him star in Illegal 2, Dil Bekaraar and Inside Edge 3,ended on a positive career note and personal note.

“I am looking forward to 2022, celebrate life and I am so happy that blessed I am able to do what I love for a living and the love and acknowledgement I have been getting for it. I feel enormously blessed and I want to enjoy life more. I want to work even harder on my characters. I am sort of revitalized by 2021,” he ends.

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