Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant says she’ll tie a rakhi on husband Ritesh’s wrist, adds ‘I need to patch up with him’

On Friday’s special episode of Bigg Boss 15, Salman Khan was reminded of Rakhi Sawant’s husband, Ritesh and Rakhi told him that she wants to tie a rakhi on Ritesh’s wrist.

One of the special guests, Jannat Zubair, praised Rakhi as a contestant. Salman then said, “Dekha, duniya tumhari taareef karti hai sirf wo tumhaara Hitesh, kya naam hai? Ritesh.. (Did you notice? Everyone praises you, only your husband does not).” He ended his sentence with a disappointed face. Making a similar face, Rakhi immediately said, “Sir mai is baar jaa k rakhi baandh dungi (I will tie a rakhi around his wrist once I am out).”

Salman asked her, “Rakhi matlab? Aise bandhogi rakhi (Rakhi, is this how you will tie the rakhi),” and enacted hugging someone, leaving everyone in splits.

Earlier in the episode, Salman Khan had asked all the contestants to share their plans for 2022. Rakhi had then told him, “Sabse pehle show jeet ke jab mai bahar janugi to bahut sare plans hain. Maa se milna hai, pati se patch up karna hai. kaafi kuch hai karne ko 2022 me (When I will come out of this house after winning the trophy, I have many plans– I want to meet my mother, I need to patch up with my husband. There are many plans).”

After Rakhi introduced her husband Ritesh on Bigg Boss 15 earlier this year, he was often seen yelling at her. Even Salman Khan scolded Ritesh a few times for his behaviour towards Rakhi. During one such incident, Salman told Ritesh, “Even big and powerful men do not talk like this, do you have any manners?” He also asked Rakhi, “Why do you tolerate all this? You are Rakhi Sawant?”

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Salman also told Ritesh that people knew him because he is Rakhi’s husband, adding that if he continues to behave badly with her, the consequences will not be good. The Bollywod star even warned Ritesh against such behaviour, adding that the entire industry will support Rakhi in any adverse situation.

Anu Malik, Palak Tiwari and Shekhar Ravjiani also appeared on the show. They danced with Salman and interacted with the contestants as well.

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