Bigg Boss 15: Salman shouts at Shamita; she breaks down and storms out. Watch

As the conclusion to Bigg Boss 15 draws near, things are getting heateed up inside the house. In the upcoming episode of Weekend ka Vaar, which airs on Saturday night, Shamita Shetty will be seen getting into a heated argument with Salman Khan.

In a recently-released promo for the episode, Salman begins admonishing the inmates for their laziness in the tasks. “You guys have done Ph.D in getting tasks cancelled,” he says, before asking the main doors of the Bigg Boss house to be opened, indicating he could be making a big call on the show.

The promo then shows an agitated Shamita complaining that she is being treated unfairly. “I feel like everything I’m doing is not enough. I don’t know what it is…” she says, before Salman interrupts her loudly by saying her name. He then exclaims, “You are going on and on and on!” 

When Shamita once again tries to interrupt him and say her piece, an annoyed Salman scolds her and says in a loud tone, “Has anyone told you that you haven’t put in effort? What the f*** yaar, Shamita!” At this, Shamita first breaks down and wipes tears off her face. She then gets up from her sofa and furiously storms out of the room where all the inmates are sitting.

Online, many Shamita fans defended her, claiming Salman is targeting her for no reason. “Stop targetting Shamita,” wrote one fan, while another advised Shamita to stay strong, saying, “People are loving you.”

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This isn’t the first time Shamita has been at the receiving end of Salman’s outburst this season. In December, after a fight between Shamita and fellow housemate Abhijit Bichukale, Salman had scolded her for her tone and role in the fight, saying that she had provoked him first.


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