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In Bed With Rytasha Rathore: “In bed, I curl up with a very famous book called… Instagram!”

She shot to fame overnight for her portrayal as designer Masaba Gupta’s BFF in the series Masaba Masaba, proving that playing the best friend is not a “side-role”. Though Rytasha was already a known face on Instagram for her fun and humorous content, she got noticed for her roles in Badho Bahu (2016) and SideHero (2018) with Kunaal Roy Kapur.

During the pandemic, Rytasha started leaning towards body-positivity posts on social media, which also won her an HT Brunch Social Media Star of The Week, as well as focussing on normalising conversations about mental health with her raw, sincere posts.

Today, that’s peppered with funny content, after she showed her stand-up comedy prowess in Comedy Premium League (2021). Ask her to choose between that and Masaba Masaba, and the millennial says, “That’s too difficult as they are both completely different. We’re at the cusp of an exciting time in the entertainment industry at large. There are so many insanely talented writers, directors, comics and actors. And people are open to new ideas and voices,” she says, adding that she’s in awe of the wholesome supportive Indian comedy community.

Tell us one thing nobody knows about you.

I don’t have any secrets sadly, as my friends and family are over-informed about my life.

One relationship rule you always follow?

Communication is key.

What podcast do you always listen to?

Agla Station Adulthood.

What’s a health shot you swear by?

Ginger and lemon, they’re both magic.

One book you usually take while curling up in your bed?

It’s a very famous book called… Instagram.

Describe your ideal first date.

Some place where the weather is cool and in nature, under the stars, with some candles, good food and someone who’s easy to talk to.

What’s the strangest thing a fan has done?

The shade proposals. They are pretty funny though.

One thing you do for your mental health?


Would you go on a social media detox?

Yes. For my mental well-being. It’s important for me to switch off.

Bedside stories

Which is your preferred side of the bed?

The left.

What is your perfect idea of breakfast in bed?

A fresh juice/smoothie, buttery toast and scrambled eggs.

One thing that is always on your bedside table?

Lip balm.

Last person whom you usually text goodnight to?

My mom.

This or that?

Tinder or a matchmaker?

A matchmaker!

Money or fame?


100 million followers on Insta or an Oscar?

An Oscar.

Dumping someone or being dumped?

Dumping someone, obviously. Who wants to be dumped?

Morning jogs or gymming at night?

Morning jogs, any day.

Kathi rolls and momos or vada pav and sev puri?

Vada pav and sev puri and momos!

Instagram or Twitter?


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From HT Brunch, January 2, 2022

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