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Actor-model Sonali Raut, who is also a fitness enthusiast, feels staying healthy and in shape is the need of the hour

Actor-model Sonali Raut, who is also a fitness enthusiast, feels staying healthy and in shape is the need of the hour.

“With (Covid-19) cases on surge yet again it’s surely difficult to not to consider health and fitness as our priority. Look at the way everything has boiled down to good health and immunity. For us till 2019, health was somewhere down in the list, and career, money and luxuries featured on the top. To escape the virus and its multiple strains, I think it’s time to build on our immune system,” says The Xpose and Love, Life & Screw Ups!!! actor.

Raut finds balanced diet as the best way to achieve that. “Balanced diet with fibre rich food and natural proteins is the best way to keep fit. One has to work according to their body requirements and fix a diet and consequently plan an exercise regime,” she adds.

With many projects being halted once again because of the increase in cases, the actor rues work has been “badly hampered”. “Last October, we resumed live shows and in December again things started to go haywire and many of them got cancelled. Let’s see for long this will go on,” she shares.

But if things get better on the pandemic front, the 31-year-old feels 2022 can be a promising year for her. “Quite a lot is slated for this new year. I’ll be seen as a celebrity judge in reality show that will go on air in March. It has some big names attached to it and will surely be a game changer for reality entertainment. Then, I am also in talks with some makers for a few OTT series and films that will also resume once the pandemic situation improve a bit,” she days.

Raut has been part of a number of reality shows in the past and also stayed in Bigg Boss house for over 100 days. “If someone asks me to re-enter the show for some fresh season I will down-right say no! I just can’t bring myself up to repeat that stint…hoga hi nai mujhse ab. But, none of have an idea what future holds for us (laughs). However, I do keep a tab on the show and have my favourites in the house,” says the actor.

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