‘The best form of exercise is the one you can sustain’ Ciara Kelly embarks on another #100daysofwalking

Happy New Year, if that isn’t already old hat. I’m not one to deny myself, so no mince pie, no mulled wine, no turkey sandwich nor drop of Black Bush went un-enjoyed over the past 10 days. To me, life’s about balance. That doesn’t mean you have to live every day in dreary moderation — we’re not all millennials! The joy of occasional excess isn’t to be underestimated. It just means that good times cease to be special if they’re continual. And holidays and celebrations are at least partly enjoyable because they’re rare.

o in the same way I love to enjoy the hell out of Christmas, I like to balance that with a bit of a personal spring-clean in the new year. This is the fifth year I’ve asked people to join me and my merry tribe on my 100 days of walking and, yes, I’m asking you now.

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