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6 interesting facts about Bhayandar that you may not have known! #2 will surprise you

Let's have a look at some more fascinating facts about Bhayandar.

Let’s have a look at some more fascinating facts about Bhayandar.

Bhayandar Bridge

1. Bhayandar was connected by Railway in 1897. The old railway platform located near the creek in Bhayandar West has a plaque that indicates that the railway platform was built in 1897.

Bhayandar Bridge

2. There is a popular bay which is commonly known as “Bhayandar ki Khadi” which means bay of Bhayander. On this bay, we have a British-made Bridge which connects the Railway line between Bhayander and Vasai. Later around the 1940s there built another station ‘Naigaon’ between Vasai and Bhayander.


3. Bhayandar is divided into two parts by the rail line in the middle of the 19th Century: East and West. The West was traditionally residential, and the East was predominantly an industrial area. Another distinct distribution between East and West Bhayandar is the food.


4. Recent population growth and a flurry of construction have blurred the boundaries between Bhayandar and neighboring Mira Road on the east side of the rail tracks, turning it into a populous suburb.


5. Old villages in Bhayander are Murdha, Rai,Morva, Dongri, Uttan, Pali Chowk, Tarodi, etc. They were formed by Portuguese travelers when Vasai (formerly Bassein) was a famous port.


6. One route for “Essel World” is via Gorai, one of the villages close to Bhayandar. Gorai is popular for its beach and nearby Manori beach and is a popular weekend getaway for Bhayandar residents. It also is a great place for meditators who visit the Pagoda.

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