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Diabetes can increase risk of miscarriage. Expert tips to follow | Health

Diabetes is deadlier for women than men and in case of pregnancy, the risk of complications arising out of the metabolic disorder goes many notches up, say experts.

High blood sugar levels during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth, congenital defects in the foetus, or premature delivery, preeclampsia and difficult deliveries, says Dr Nitin Gupte, Gynecologist, Apollo Spectra Pune.

Diabetes is capable of affecting a woman’s overall well-being by putting her at risk of heart disease, kidney disease, blindness, depression, UTIs and infertility problem. Not controlling sugar levels during pregnancy can have disastrous consequences.

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“Diabetes in pregnancy is one of the major complications of pregnancy. In India, it is more common due to age of conception of pregnancy is delayed and the age of onset of type 2 diabetes is lower,” says Dr. Snehal Desai, Diabetologist, Lokmanya Hospital Pune.

The complications may include macrosomia (big head of body), difficulty in breathing, jaundice, hypoglycemia, i.e. reduced blood sugar levels, in the baby.

“Diabetes in pregnancy can lead to fetal malformations, most lycommon sacral agenesis means inappropriate development of the lower spine and buttocks. These malformations develop even before the detection of pregnancy. Therefore, blood sugar levels need to be checked before planning for pregnancy by women,” says Dr Desai.

“To prevent pregnancy complications, various blood and other tests will be carried out to evaluate you for any heart, kidney, or liver problems. You will have to monitor the blood sugar levels from time to time and avoid skipping medication,” said Dr. Gupte.

Eating a healthy diet and maintaining an optimum weight can help control sugar levels in pregnant women with diabetes

“If you have diabetes, eat fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and lentils. Exercise under the guidance of an expert, and maintain an optimum weight,” concluded Dr. Desai.

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