Drew Barrymore’s healthy home recipes

When Hollywood stars get a little more… mature, they often add food and drink ventures to create a “portfolio” career: everyone from George Clooney selling tequila, to Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness recipes, to Stanley Tucci fronting documentaries on Italian food.

Drew Barrymore has taken things a stage further: not only has she written her own cookbook, but she regularly champions other chefs and authors on her Drew Barrymore Show on TV.

Her own book, Rebel Homemaker, is a collection of recipes and musings on food, design, parenting, gardening and more. The recipes, which she co-wrote with chef and friend Pilar Valdes, mix the super-easy and more involved, but the common thread is food that nurtures, as these four light recipes, which are just right for the start of a new year, demonstrate.

She wrote the book during the first year of the pandemic and in it reflects often on how lucky she is to have access to healthy food, as well as praising those who have fed and nurtured others during the Covid crisis.

Barrymore, who likes getting her hands dirty and loves carbs (a bowl of pasta in particular), says her favourite meal is “any breakfast my daughters make me. With varying degrees of edibility.”

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