Irish fitness expert Pat Divilly reveals the one thing you need to change to get healthy in 2022

A fitness and wellbeing expert has revealed the one change we should make to ensure we stick to our New Year’s resolutions.

Pat Divilly, who has a masters in exercise and nutrition science, has been helping clients improve their physical and mental health for years.

He revealed why some people struggle to make resolutions permanent and how we can reach our fitness goals.

“The big thing for me that was interesting was how we talk to ourselves and how that impacts how we show up in the world. How does our self talk impact us?” he said.

“The stories we tell ourselves impact how we feel in ourselves and our feelings impact the actions we take.

“If I’m telling myself that I am someone who always falls off the wagon, if that’s my narrative going into 2022, that’s going to bring about a feeling of hopelessness – and when you feel hopeless – the chances are you are going to do something to sabotage, because you back up how you feel about yourself.

“This is a piece of the puzzle we are missing. Do we have an awareness of the stories we are telling ourselves? Do we have a toolkit for challenging these stories?

“You have got to say ‘sometimes I am anxious but that’s OK and I need to get to know that part of myself and accept that part of myself.”

Pat also explained how being curious about your own behaviours can ensure you have a better chance of succeeding.

He told RTE’s Sunday with Miriam programme how some clients fail to see the progress they have made with weight loss once they see a number they don’t like on the scales.

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He said: “If I can be curious as to why I self-sabotage, why I fall off the wagon and keep creating the same cycles in my life, that curiosity gives me the chance to explore and not have that pressure on myself to succumb to this [and fail].

“We all see ourselves in a certain way and we go into the world and try back that up.

“A client could be doing really well. They’d be feeling confident and like they are moving towards everything they want. Then they’d step on the scales and wouldn’t see the number they wanted.

“In that moment, they would lose sight of the fact that their energy and confidence had improved, their mental health had improved and that they’ve met new friends through the gym.

“All this positive stuff in their life is overshadowed by the fact that the number on the scales is not showing what they think it should be showing.

“Our stress in life is often about the ‘should’ and how we feel things ‘should be’.

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