Shah Rukh Khan’s Egyptian fan books ticket for Indian professor without advance payment: Anything for SRK

The king of romance, Shah Rukh Khan’s magic literally knows no boundaries. Fans from all over the world still continue to be mesmerised by this legendary actor. Time and again, we are reminded of how powerful the charm of the great SRK is. This time, it was an Indian professor and Egyptian fan who reminded us of it. An Indian professor Ashwini Deshpande has been touched by a sweet gesture made by the ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ actor’s fan in Egypt. Ashwini Deshpande, who is an Ashoka University Economics professor, took to Twitter to recount an experience she recently had with a travel agent in Egypt.

SRK’s love is beyond his movies. Ashwini narrated the incident where the Egyptian travel agent trusted her and booked her reservations without taking any advance because she belonged to Shah Rukh’s country. She tweeted, “Needed to transfer money to a travel agent in Egypt. Was having problems with the transfer. He said: you are from the country of @iamsrk. I trust you. I will make the booking, you pay me later. For anywhere else, I wouldn’t do this. But anything for @iamsrk. And he did! #SRK is (crown emoji).”

Check Ashwini’s tweet:

To this, a lot of other Twitter users and SRK fans assembled on the tweet and started narrating their own experiences. One user tweeted, “Aww this is soo sweet. Thanks for sharing with us! I have friends from France on Discord. When I mentioned I am from India, they were so excited lol. They went, ‘India!? We only know SRK’. And they LOVE Chammak Challo song so much even tho they don’t understand any bit.” 

Honestly, this is Shah Rukh Khan’s world and we are just living in it!

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