The Boys Showrunner Explains Why Homelander Would Beat Superman

The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke explains why Homelander would win in a fight between him and the Man of Steel himself, Superman.

Prime Video’s The Boys takes the superhero gig to a whole new level, and with the comparisons between The Seven’s Homelander and Superman, showrunner Eric Kripke explains why the raunchy hero would beat the Man of Steel.

The Boys is a satirical take on the superhero genre with Homelander being a clear parody of Superman, and fans of both DC Comics and The Boys have debated on who of the two would win in a fight. In an interview with The Illuminerdi Kripke explained, “I mean it’s definitely Homelander because Superman has morals and Homelander is like a hardcore sociopath. So, it’s like Homelander has no problem ripping off Superman’s testicles, like zero. And Superman’s gonna be like punching above the belt. So, it’s kind of not a contest.”

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The concept of Homelander vs. Superman has been hotly debated among fans of both properties, but not everything has to be a fight. In February 2021,  Antony Starr, who portrays Homelander on the Prime Video series, shared some violently erotic fan art of the two characters. “I can’t tell but I’m pretty sure Homelander and Superman are locked in mortal combat… oooooor… very aggressive and combative flirting,” Starr wrote in the caption of the now-deleted post.

Leading up to Season 3 of The Boys, Homelander has appeared several times in promotional material for the series, including the fictional Vought News Network and its web series titled Seven on 7, where the villain publically apologized for his relationship with Stormfront, a literal Nazi. In that vein, Homelander was also recently named “Sexiest Superhero Alive” by “V-PLE” Magazine, a parody of real-world People Magazine.

Even though an actual Superman vs. Homelander fight won’t be happening, Season 3 of The Boys will introduce a few new supes from Garth Ennis’ original comic series, including Laurie Holden’s Crimson Countess, Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy and Supersonic — Starlight’s ex-boyfriend. Information regarding the third season of the Prime Video series has been scarce, but it was recently confirmed that Season 3 had officially wrapped filming in September 2021. It was also recently announced that THe Boys would receive an animated spinoff series titled Diabolical, set in the same universe as its predecessor. The animated anthology series will consist of eight episodes and premiere sometime in 2022, but does not yet have a premiere date.

The first two seasons of The Boys are streaming now on Prime Video.

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Source: The Illuminerdi

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