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9 breakfast recipes to make your kids’ morning happy

Of all the meals that we have during the day, breakfast is the most important one as it provides you energy to sustain the whole day. While people might argue with it, but it remains the top choice for many, and a day without it seems incomplete. Now, the nutrition it provides is more than any other meal and it is one of the several reasons why some people just tend to avoid lunch or combine their breakfast timing with lunch. For kids, breakfast becomes the more important meal of the day as it refuels their bodies after sleep. Another reason why it becomes important is that it helps in shaping the kids’ bodies and brains.

The most difficult task for parents is to ensure that their children have a nutritious breakfast. About 20-30 per cent of youngsters miss meals, therefore a breakfast for them should be quick, easy, filling, and, most importantly, delicious. Here are some delicious recipes from Aditya Bagri, Director at Bagrry’s that are nutritious as well.

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