After raising S$12 million, what’s next for health food purveyor SaladStop!

When she first started patronising SaladStop! in 2010, Linda Goh saw it as a convenient way to eat a quick, healthy lunch before getting back to her work at a private bank. These days, Goh continues to frequent the healthy food chain, albeit through its online store.

“While it didn’t matter to me in the past, today, I am more conscious about what I eat. So, I appreciate the nutritional information that comes with my meals at SaladStop! and that the company has a purposeful mission towards sustainability,” said the 43-year-old Singaporean.

Goh is part of a growing number of consumers who place an increasing focus on the provenance of the food they eat and how committed the businesses they patronise are to the principles of eco-sustainability. It is a group that SaladStop! identified when it launched 12 years ago, with a commitment to “Eat Wide Awake”. The slogan reflects its ethos that eating well encompasses not just treating our bodies kindly, but the world around us too.

“At that time, we could see that people were looking for healthier food. We knew the world was changing,” recalled Swiss-born Adrien Desbaillets, who established SaladStop! with his father Daniel in 2009. Two years later, his sister Katherine joined the business while her husband, Frantz Braha joined in 2015.

“Very early on, we knew that this could be something big,” Adrien continued. “Once we knew we were on the right track, we signed three to four locations. We were very bullish. We thought this was make or break.”

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