Arjun Kapoor opens up on being close with step sisters Janhvi and Khushi; I am still exploring this new bond | Hindi Movie News

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor shares an endearing bond with his sister Anshula Kapoor. Over the years, the actor has gotten close to his step-sisters Janhvi and Khushi too and says it only after the demise of his step-mother Sridevi, that also eased out his relationship with his father Boney Kapoor.

Speaking about the same, Arjun told a news portal that he’s still exploring his new bond with Janhvi and Khushi. Elaborating further he says, for him to find similarities only stems from comparison to how they are similar to his father because he never got the time to sit down and analyze it earlier. “I can discover those relationships now,” he said.

Speaking of his bond with Anshula, the actor acknowledges that his connection with his real sister is “overlapping.” and admits that they are ‘emotionally designed the same way’. “We’ve been brought up by our mother in a certain way together so we are two sides of the same coin.” he told a magazine.

The ‘2 States’ actor went on to share that he does bully his sisters with his snarky sense of humor. He added that he hates ‘creating this fake perception that we are one happy family living under the roof and discussing everything’. Affirming the same, he shared that they have discussed many things, and continue to do that, but it’s still a very intimate space for them to come out so openly and speak about.

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