Bigg Boss 15: Karan confronts Tejasswi about her ‘boyfriend’, Rakhi Sawant tells her ‘not sure if he will marry you’

On Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss 15, Tejasswi Prakash was in for a shock when she got to know that people believe she has a boyfriend outside the house. She even asked Karan Kundrra why people would talk about any of her past relationships. It all began when Rakhi Sawant objected to Tejasswi’s closeness with Karan and asked her to stay within limits, warning her that he may not marry her eventually.

Rakhi told Tejasswi, “People fall in love but you guys are crossing limits. You guys get too cosy. I can see, more than him, you pounce on him and always try to hug him. I am not sure if he will marry you. Why don’t you reserve all this for when you go out of the house and engaged? I hope you understand what I am trying to say.”

When Tejasswi said she knows her limits as a woman and is aware of the fact that her family may be watching, Rakhi added, “No, you seem to go with the flow when it comes to love. You guys get a little too cozy.”

Tejasswi then said, “If you mention it, I think I see Devoleena and Pratik Sehajpal doing the same, and she has a boyfriend outside the house. Pratik and Devoleena are not even boyfriend and girlfriend. Karan and I have given a name to our relationship.”

While Rakhi claimed Devoleena and Pratik do not get too cosy, Devoleena interrupted them and said, “You are not able to understand many things right now. You will realise what the truth is when you go out and watch the show. And you are saying I have a boyfriend, but that is my personal choice. Even we heard, before coming in the house, that you have a boyfriend. Rakhi and I have just discussed a few things that we noticed and she is telling you. Everyone else is talking behind the back, that is the difference. Everyone can see it.”

Later, Rakhi told Karan that he and Tejasswi get a little too cosy in the house, adding that she advised Tejasswi as an elder sister. “Whenever there is a fight, you guys are seen together. We are also here in the house, we get uncomfortable. Going beyond hugs, you are crossing the limit.” Karan calmly told her that he takes care that they do not cross the limit, especially for Tejasswi’s sake.

Rakhi added, “Devoleena just told me that she has a boyfriend outside the house. I was under the impression that here is a young girl falling in love for the first time and I must advise her as an elder sister.” Karan looked concerned but simply told Rakhi that he will watch out if his closeness with Tejasswi appears too much.

Karan soon walked up to Tejasswi and asked her, “The guy that Devoleena is talking about, is it the same one about whom you have told me?” Tejasswi said, “Maybe. The terrible relationship that we talked about. Why would anyone dig up my past relationship? Do you think this could be because the break-up was too recent?” Karan then calmed her down and said, “You have told me about it, does anything else matter?”

Before talking to Karan, Tejasswi had a discussion with Devoleena as well. “What did you hear about me and who told you? Was it the media talking? As my friend, why didn’t you tell me when you came into the house?” Devoleena said that she did not mention it as she does not care, and won’t judge Tejasswi either.

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Tejasswi then said, “Why would anyone judge me? I don’t need to clarify as I know what it is that I am doing, I am clarifying now because you talked about it. I am hurt that even as a friend you did not tell me about it.” Devoleena asked her if she’d be comfortable behaving the same way in her own house, with her family around. She replied, “No, but then I cannot be reacting all the time keeping the cameras in mind.”

Devoleena then said that Tejasswi and Karan make others uncomfortable with their cosiness. Defending their behaviour, R”What? We are hugging and kissing in front of everyone. If we chose to go to corners and then get close, or if we stayed inside a closed bathroom for half an hour, that would look bad. We are doing it right here. If that makes you uncomfortable, then grow up.”

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