Bigg Boss 15’s Tejasswi Prakash reveals an unknown fact about her family; WATCH to find out

Bigg Boss 15 fame Tejasswi Prakash is one of the strongest contestants in the house. The actress has been entertaining her fans ever since she entered. Now, in a recent promo, Tejasswi was seen revealing an unknown fact about her family which left Shamita and Pratik’s mouths agape. Tejasswi revealed that she cannot be in India for more than 6 months, as she is a resident of the UAE, but holds the citizenship of India. 

She was sitting and chatting with contestants Shamita Shetty and Pratik Sahejpal when she opened up about her childhood and parents. In the video, the actress told how her parents successfully maintained a long-distance marriage for a few years after their marriage. Tejasswi also recalled how their relatives would hound her mother and say that her husband has left her. 

“My Dad went back to Dubai just after a week of their marriage and did not return for a year and a half. My Mother would feel terrible when relatives would say that she has been abandoned by her husband. They would write letters to one another and pick a time to make ISD calls to stay in touch. My mother would go to PCO and even though international calls were very expensive at that time, she would still make them happen,” said Tejasswi

“Eventually, after a year or so, my father managed to settle himself down, brought a house and a nice car. He then brought my mom there, and then I happened,” Tejasswi concluded.

Click HERE to watch. 

Earlier, Rakhi Sawant revealed Tejasswi’s ‘relationship’ outside the house to Karan Kundrra after the actress was given a hint on it by Devoleena. Hearing this, Karan was left in complete shock and the actor went on to confront Tejasswi. 






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