Celeb fitness: Chris Hemsworth shows how to get in shape with ‘no equipment burner’ workouts

Chris Hemsworth is a bona fide fitness freak — how else would you define his fine physique and sculpted muscles that make him look like the Norse God Thor whom he plays on screen?

The Australian actor keeps sharing videos and posts detailing his fitness preps and routine, motivating fans to follow suit and get into the habit of staying physically active.

Ahead of New Year 2022, The Avengers: Endgame star had posted another video demonstrating a few exercise routines that he called “no equipment burner”, egging people to try them out before indulging in New Year treats in the form of food and drinks.

“Try this little no equipment burner before you hit the champagne on New Years 💪🏻

Rest 20 seconds between exercises. Do 2 x rounds total, with 1 minute rest between rounds,” the 38-year-old actor had captioned the post in which he was seen atop a hill, working the muscles in his body in an outdoor setting.

While the year has  begun, you can always incorporate these exercises into your routine, especially if getting fit is your resolution for 2022. While they may look grueling, a few warm-up sessions will help you find your groove.

The actor begins with a bear crawl that he does for 40 seconds, before moving on to switches, again for 40 seconds, followed by tricep push, flutter kicks, prisoner squats, mountain climbers to elbow, burpees, butterfly sit-ups, sit thrus, and plank jack push-up for 40 seconds each.

Watch the video to learn exactly how to get the posture right.

If you want best results, you will have to be consistent with and disciplined about these exercises, just like how Hemsworth does it. Are you game?

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