Crunches vs sit-ups: Which are better to work your abs?

As people look to restart their fitness regimes in the wake of the festive season, one of the many questions which gets asked is which workout exercises are the most effective?

Well, in terms of working out your ab muscles, it comes down to crunches and sit-ups, but there is an even more healthy debate over which of those two actually provide a better workout for your ab muscles specifically.

With this particular area one of focus for people who want to look aesthetically pleasing, it’s important for them to understand the benefits of each exercise, and if there is any sort of advantage for either one over the over.

What are the benefits of sit-ups?

Most people know what a sit-up is already, as one of the more beginner level exercises, but in order for them to count you have to perform it properly from start to finish.

Sit-ups are the full range of motion as you lie on your back with bent knees, hands behind your head and then raising your upper body to your legs using your core.

This is an abdominal exercise with a number of benefits:

  1. Improve strength through your entire core
  2. Strengthen your muscles for everyday tasks
  3. It may help increase ab definition
  4. It increases the endurance of your ab muscles, if you perform a lot of sit-ups

What are the benefits of crunches?

Crunches are a more complex exercise that require you to move from laying on the floor on your back to a fully seated position.

It requires that your chest be completely off the ground, and crunches need much less range of motion than sit-ups.

These are the benefits of crunches:

  1. They are relatively simple to master and help you learn how to activate your abdominal muscles
  2. They increase the strength of your abs muscles
  3. They can enhance muscle definition
  4. They put little to no strain on you spinal cord, which has been one side-effect of sit-ups

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