India’s Best Dancer 2, 2nd January 2022, Written Update: Neighbours of Top 5 finalists arrive to support them

In today’s episode, host Maniesh Paul uncovers India’s Best Dancer 2 winner’s trophy. He announces that the contestants’ neighbours have come to support their society’s superstar. He also reveals that the Grand Finale is on 9th January, which will bring out the best Avatars of the top five contestants. First comes contestant Raktim Thaturia, along with choreographer Aryan Patra to bring off a deadly performance on ‘Khalibali.’ Judge Malaika Arora says she forgot the initial hook step after seeing them. Maniesh calls Raktim’s mom and his neighbours, who perform Bihu – Assam’s traditional dance form. 

Next arrives biryani and dance lover Zamroodh with choreographer Sonali Kar to perform on ‘Prem Ka Pyala Pee Aaya.’ Geeta Kapur says she will take it as her victory if he wins because she is an untrained dancer who never won any show. Zamroodh’s society of Kerala gets moving in lungi.

And then Maniesh calls up Roza Rana with choreographer Sanam Johar for a jaw-dropping performance. She calls members from the costume department, hairdresser, and spot boy as her society members. Maniesh praises the efforts of backstage people.

Afterward, Gourav Sarwan, with choreographer Rupesh Soni performing on ‘Jimmy Jimmy’. They get a standing ovation from the judges and the audience. Terence says he has goosebumps after watching this duo dance. Gaurav’s father and society joined, and among them, an older adult says he learns to dance from the former.

Maniesh then mimics Shah Rukh Khan and welcomes Saumya Kamble of Pune with choreographer Vartika Jha. They delivered an astonishing performance. Judges give them a standing ovation, and Geeta bows down to them. Saumya’s society comes up on stage and shares funny moments. Saumya’s friend sings a beautiful song, and her neighbor performs belly dance.

Maniesh asks judges to share their sweet memories of their society. Terence also asks Maniesh about his memory, and he shares that he was never a shy boy, and this trait also worked in his career development. The show ends with solo dance performances of the contestants to cheer up for the winner’s trophy.

We watched this episode on the channel’s OTT platform.

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