Bigg Boss 15, 3rd January 2022, Written Update: Nishant Bhat and Karan Kundrra’s verbal spat

In today’s episode, Rakhi says Umar won the task and Bigg Boss announces that they’ll let them know if Akanksha played better or not. In the secret house, Munmun wins the task while Akanksha and Surbhi were supposed to make Vishal and her laugh. She challenges Pratik, Abhijeet, and Shamita for the same task. After the task, they tell Bigg Boss that there wasn’t any winner as no one reacted. Bigg Boss tells them they’ll begin a new round soon. Pratik tells Abhijeet to stop bad-mouthing about him. 

The new round starts and Abhijeet tells he will win the trophy and become the PM as well and tells he will beat Pratik and calls him a dog. Karan and Nishant get into a fight. Bigg Boss asks them to declare a winner but Rakhi tells they couldn’t decide as no one reacted. Bigg Boss tells the task is rejected and no one will win the ticket to finale. Tejasswi tells the new members won. Abhijeet and Devoleena get into a huge fight. Abhijeet tells her he will hit her and Devoleena tells him she won’t spare him. She starts throwing things around and Abhijeet goes to hit her with a bottle but Umar pulls him back.

Bigg Boss tells Devoleena to go to the garden and Abhijeet to remain in the room. Pratik takes her to the garden and she cries hugging him. Rashami tells Devoleena is fake and Devoleena yells at her. Rashami tells Rakhi it’s Devoleena’s fault. Shamita asks Pratik why is his face so red and he tells her that he tried calming them both, but couldn’t. Nishant tells Abhijeet was just doing his task but somewhere he held a grudge for Pratik. The episode ends with Devoleena going to the washroom and throwing things around. Pratik and Shamita ask her to open the door.

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