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Disposable razors vs Safety razors: Which one should we use?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a disposable plastic razor? They seem to make life sound so easy with the simple – buy, use a couple of times and throw away regime right? However, did you know that billions of razors end up in landfills year after year? Now you’re probably thinking “what’s the big deal? Plastic can be recycled!” WRONG! Sharp objects like razors are made up of many mixed materials which makes them impossible to recycle and as we all know, plastic is not biodegradable. So imagine the amount of non-biodegradable waste being produced when each plastic disposable razor is probably only useful for anything ranging from 3 to 7 shaves, before it is tossed in the trash.

Now, body hair removal is a personal choice – while some people would rather let their body hair grow and accept it, others like to get rid of it. Undoubtedly, shaving is the most convenient, pocket-friendly, quick and most painless solution to body hair removal, which is why razors are a popular product worldwide. However, is there no better solution to this? How do we stick to shaving while ditching the plastic completely? Reusable safety razors are the answer to this!

What is a safety razor?

A safety razor, also called a double-edged razor has a body built to last. Unlike the disposable razors that are useless once the blade becomes blunt, the only part of the safety razor that requires changing is the blade.
These ergonomically designed razors can be used from both sides and hence, ensure the smoothest shave possible. They ensure a closer shave as compared to disposable razors and once you get the hang of these razors, you’ll never go back to the disposable counterparts.

Advantages of using a safety razor:

Close shave

The safety razor allows you to change the blade whenever need be, without thinking twice. You will never compromise on using a blunt blade every again!

Pocket-friendly and cost effective

It’s no surprise that this superior device saves you a lot of money in the long run because the only recurring investment made with a safety razor is the blades. Built to last, this device is a one-time investment and it can

last you for a lifetime!


This is a no-brainer. Safety razors avoid any use of plastic in their design, making them so eco-friendly and giving you the best guilt-free shaving experience!

Reduce the chance of cuts

In most situations, cuts are a result of a blunt blade. With every shave, your blade becomes blunt. Not to mention, the dead skin can get stuck between the multiple tiny blades of disposable razors. This creates friction and leads to the razor not gliding as smoothly on the skin, which can ultimately lead to cuts. With the safety razor, the problem of the dead skin is completely eliminated because they use only a single blade. And the safety razor makes changing the blade when it becomes blunt super easy!

Replacement blades are easily available

The blades used in a safety razor are usually a standard size, which makes these blades easily available in any nearby store. So even if you run out of blade refills, it’s extremely easy to procure them!

With inputs from Anika Parashar, Founder & CEO of The Woman’s Company.

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