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Eat ber or jujube to boost immunity; know its benefits from Rujuta Diwekar | Health

Ber or jujube, the sweet and tarty winter fruit has a distinct taste that is loved by many. A storehouse of Vitamin C, ber is excellent for immunity and a very effective cure for constipation. Around for no less than thousand years, references of ber have been found in Indian mythology from Lord Ram relishing Shabari’s ber to Lord Shiva and Goddess Saraswati said to be extremely fond of the fruit.

Rich in vitamins A and C along with calcium, potassium, iron, and antioxidants, ber is also known to have 18 of the 24 essential amino acids that our body needs. A low-calorie fruit, it is also loaded with dietary fibres that can also be the perfect mid-meal snack for those aiming to lose weight.

From boosting brain health, immunity, to curing constipation, insomnia and a number of diseases, the fruit has plenty of benefits.

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Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar who often recommends her followers to eat hyper-local fruits to boost immunity and overall health took to social media to list benefits of ber.

According to the nutritionist eating ber is not only beneficial for children who suffer from low immunity but will also help you deal with your winter hair and skin woes effectively.

“Are you eating bor/ ber (jujube) in this season? It’s rich in Vit C (richer than oranges), lethal for dandruff and the secret behind glowing skin. Also are great for kids who fall sick often,” she wrote.

In her earlier post about tips to curb sugar cravings, Diwekar had shared how having a fruit can immensely help with the urge to eat something unhealthy.

“Fruits are naturally sweet and loaded with nutrition. If you have an old habit of having something sweet at a particular time in the day, you can try eating a fruit instead. Having a fruit can help you deal with the unhealthy cravings,” she had written.

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