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Innovation with gulab jamun: fusion or confusion?

After maggi and cheese, gulab jamun is having its cinderella moment. What started from Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake, Gulab Jamun Pie and rum injected gulab jamun, Gulab Jamun Bun and Samosa Gulab Jamun broke the internet. While some definitely look forward to trying this unique combination, others call it out rightly bizarre!

“I find gulab jamun extremely interesting as a dessert and it has been used in different ways. Be it Gulab jamun cheese cake, coffee ice cream with gulab jamun , gulab jamun crumble or bun with gulab jamun, it’s a good idea to uplift the dessert trend. It’s like how Chinese make sweet buns. Samosa with gulab jamun too is a progressive thought and similar options are there in the Middle East too where Baklave is made with sweet stuffing. The crux is how to use it effectively keeping the sanctity of the ingredient intact,” says Nishant Choubey, chef who gives thumbs up to the experiment.

Gulab Jamun inside a bun.
Gulab Jamun inside a bun.

However, food bloggers reject this trend. “It’s super bizarre. Fusion food is different but the concept of putting two very vague combinations together is confusing for me,” says Malikaa, a food blogger. For Mehak Dhawan, another Delhi-based blogger believes this innovation is just a gimmick. “I think some fusions with gulab jamun are outstanding and worked well but this experiment is here to gain audience attention.”

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