Love and Relationship Horoscope for January 4, 2022 | Astrology

Aries: Your mind is likely to be caught up in a web of thoughts. You can be a bit philosophical in your conversation with your partner. Let your thoughts flow and connect with things that matter to you the most. Your partner will understand and will be supportive. Married couples need to make an effort to spend time with their beloved.

Taurus: This is one of those rare days when nothing will seem to go as per plan. You will blow hot and cold for no reason. There can be an ego clash with your partner which can create some differences in your relationship. This will add to your stress and worry. Try and spend as much time as possible with your beloved to resolve the differences.

Gemini: Your love relationship seems to be heading in a favourable direction. Love and mutual admiration for each other will only grow with each passing day. Eating out together will add to the spice. Married couples should sit down and plan for the future. Improve your communication and dialogue.

Cancer: Those of you in a relationship can plan an adventure trip to renew and revive their bonding. Single natives are likely to be intrigued by the person of their liking and will not shy away from confessing their feelings. Those married need to control their temper and avoid getting into futile arguments.

Leo: You are likely to get the support of your partner today. Those in a relationship should express their love for their beloved and make them feel wanted. Those who are single will cherish the thought of being with someone and can plan to meet an old friend. Those married will have conversations around expanding their family.

Virgo: Love for you brings a great deal of emotional stability. You need to communicate the same to your partner and let them know what they mean to you. Those who are single will be feeling a rather emotional today and may need to share the same with their friends. Married couples need to be supportive of each other.

Libra: You need to maintain a sense of balance in your love and family life. You may want to spend time with your beloved but some family commitment may require you to focus elsewhere. Married couples need to take out time and discuss ongoing issues to ensure there are no communication gaps in the future.

Scorpio: You will think about love as a future investment. You may even want to talk about this with your family members and have an intriguing discussion around it. Those in a relationship will reciprocate each other’s feelings. Those married may not find enough time to interact with each other due to family involvement.

Sagittarius: You can be accused of being selfish in your relationship, hence make sure you don’t become too self-centred while interacting with your partner. Those who are single will work on their looks and personality to impress the opposite sex. Married couples will prefer staying in solitude to introspect and review.

Capricorn: You need to show your emotions more often to make your partner feel secure in the relationship. You will be full of ideas which must be communicated to those whom you love. Those who are single will indulge in creative writing to let their thoughts flow. Married couples will experience bliss and harmony.

Aquarius: Singles should stay positive as their lonely phase that gripped them for long is about to end. Those in a relationship need to demonstrate their feelings with each other. Sharing a gift will work well. Those married can plan to meet some old friends and celebrate their fun moments. Spend quality time with each other.

Pisces: You are likely to remain quite proactive today and will look to make things happen. Make sure your partner is up for it and is receptive to the idea of planning some unexpected fun moments. Married couples will have a hectic day due to their work commitments and should plan to spend the evening together.



*Predictions are based on Moon sign

Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



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