Pregnant Pooja Banerjee worries she might have to take a forced break from work amid Omicron concerns

TV actor Pooja Banerjee is expecting her first child with husband, Sandeep Sejwal and is due in March.

Actor Pooja Banerjee has been shooting non-stop for her TV show, even while pregnant. But the rising cases of Covid-19 and Omicron scare in Maharashtra are forcing her have second thoughts about going to work.

“I haven’t told the makers of my show that I am quitting as of now. If the cases are too many and if there is a scare then I might have to take a break and it will be a forced break long before I planned. But health comes first, I can’t help it. If it comes to that then you have to do it,” shares the actor, who is due in March.

She recently celebrated her baby shower and says that so far there has been nothing communicated to them about shutdown of shoots in the state.

“Shoots will go on for now. Last time we all shifted to Goa to continue with the shoot after lockdown was imposed in Maharashtra. Right now, I can’t afford to do that obviously. If it comes to that, then I have to call it quits,” she tells us.

Banerjee, who is married to swimmer Sandeep Sejwal, was on the set of her TV show until December 29 and she says that she is taking things slow for now to see how the situation pans out. For now, she is following all the do’s and don’ts that her doctor has suggested given her condition.

“Suddenly I see cases everywhere, even in my building there are so many cases. It is not scary because this is how our life is going to be now. People who are vaccinated are getting infected; people who are healthy are getting the fever for a day and then becoming fine after a day or two. We can’t be afraid of it. We all have to just take care of ourselves,” shares the actor.

As for how 2022 is going to pan for her, she says that she is both excited and nervous.

“There are so many different kinds of feelings. The plan mode is on and we are literally organizing right from the house, cupboards, clothes , taking care of finances and work. There is so much of organizing work that we are doing continuously,” she ends.

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