Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for Jan 4: Maintaining a low profile is better | Astrology

ByManisha Koushik, Dr Prem Kumar Sharma

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21)

Hi Sagittarius, you are an optimist who truly believes in the magic of life. You are passionate and driven towards your profession. You are an amazing navigator who holds the compass and sin to reach the destination without any hassle. You move smartly and in a very calculative manner which helps you in your day to day life. Sagittarius are outspoken; they say what they mean and mean what they want to say to you. They can be blunt but they prefer to share things and opinions at the face value. Having a Sagittarius friend can be a lot of fun as you guys are always ready for new adventures in life. They are a perfect partner to plan a trip. Let the sag decide where to go and you will have an amazing experience and adventurous time.

Sagittarius Finance Today

You are satisfied with your earnings. There is only a need to watch your expenses. It will be great to increase a source of income for yourself. You can also start investing in your business plan.

Sagittarius Family Today

There could be a clash between family members you might be asked to pick aside. If you don’t want to be in this mess you can easily get your way out of Chaos. Maintaining a low profile is better.

Sagittarius Career Today

You will be recognised for your work. Sagittarius, you have done a lot of hard work to reach where you are right now. Understand your worth and demand respect and reliability.

Sagittarius Health Today

A friendly reminder for you is to take care of your body and mind. If you see something missing, make a schedule. Stay hydrated and eat a balanced meal

Sagittarius Love Life Today

You are happy to be around the one you love. Your presence is appreciated by your partner. The more time you guys spend the stronger your bond and

understanding will come with time.

Lucky Number: 6

Lucky Colour: Crimson


Manisha Koushik, Dr Prem Kumar Sharma

(Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist & Vastu Consultant)



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