Bipasha Basu Singh Grover: I am paranoid when it comes to my parents’ health | Bollywood

Bipasha Basu Singh Grover admits to being ‘paranoid’, especially about her parents amid the increase in Covid-19 cases in India. The actor says she keeps a tab on everything they do, as any concerned daughter would, and ensures they are safe.

Bipasha also makes sure that the staff caring for her parents follow all protocols and maintain hygiene. “I am very particular about what they do, where and how they go. For a long time, they didn’t travel, so when everything felt better (last year), with all possible protocols in place, I took them to Maldives. Then my father flew to Kolkata. I was very paranoid and wanted him to come back to Mumbai, and thankfully he reached just before the third wave flared up,” says the actor who turns 43 on January 7.

Bipasha will be celebrating the day with her parents and husband Karan Singh Grover, and says it is one of the most special days of her life.

She gushes, “I am very excited for my birthdays each year, no matter how old I am getting. I am as excited as I was from the time I have been a kid.”

She adds, “I had a lot of plans for this year… I was supposed to go to Maldives, it is Karan’s and my favourite place. A lot of plans were there, but owing to this third wave which has come in, we are trying to be responsible and stay put at home, doing our bit to contain this third wave.”

Talking further about her plans for the day, the Alone (2015) actor says, there will no party as such. “It will be very simple, with my mum, dad, and food. I am a foodie, all my favourite specialties will be made by mom. I will miss all my friends and my birthday holidays which I love.”

The actor adds that “this will be the second year in a row” that she has not celebrated her birthday.

“Last year, Karan got Covid and was stuck in Serbia. Our plans to go for New Year’s and my birthday got cancelled. I am grateful that this year my entire family is healthy, all happy,” she ends.

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