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Covid-19: 5 ways to prevent infection | Health

The new variant of coronavirus – Omicron – is here. The world has been in the grapples of the covid-19 virus since 2020 and even though the vaccination has come, the virus still seems to transmit and affect lives. The first and the second wave of covid pandemic saw the horror of the loss of lives, people struggling for oxygen and immense suffering.

With the onset of 2022, multiple states of India have already declared restrictions and partial lockdowns, keeping in view of the rapid transmission of the virus, yet again. As we enter into the state of scare, it is important to know the precautionary measures that should be implemented on a daily basis in order to keep ourselves safe.

Wear masks – Masks help in covering the nose and the mouth and helps to curb the transmission of the virus, which especially spreads through body fluid transmissions. It is recommended to wear masks or double masks at all times when we are outside.

Maintain hand hygiene – Our hands are prone to most number of viruses. It is advised by the medical practitioners to maintain hand hygiene, at home and outdoors as well. We can carry a hand sanitiser at all times when we are outside. It is also advised to wash hands frequently to keep the virus away.

Wash hands frequently.(Pixabay)
Wash hands frequently.(Pixabay)

Social distancing – Avoid crowded spaces – be it indoors or outdoors. As the number of covid-affected people surges again, it is necessary to maintain physical distance with others to control the infection.

Vaccination – The vaccine against the spread of the coronavirus is already being rolled out by most of the countries. It is recommended to get double-vaccinated on an urgent basis to grow the immunity of the body. The precaution dose against covid-19 was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 25 – it will be first given to the frontline covid warriors, healthcare professionals and senior citizens with co-morbidity.

Get vaccinated.(AP)
Get vaccinated.(AP)

Self-isolation – In case a person starts showing symptoms of coronavirus, it is highly recommended to immediately self-isolate himself/herself at home. It is also advised to get tested on an urgent basis and start the treatment.

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