How to lose weight: The five highest calorie-burning workouts to try


If you work out on a treadmill at 10 miles an hour, you’ll burn 1,228 calories on average.

That’s a brisk pace and one of the top speeds on the treadmill, so you probably won’t be able to manage this speed the whole time.

If you run at half the speed for the same amount of time you’re still burning 614 calories. And if you did that every day, five days a week… you’re burning enough to lose a pound a week (and maybe more if you’re doing more exercise and eating well).

You could also burn 930 calories if you run at 7.5 miles per hour for an hour.

To burn one pound in weight quicker, you’d need to run for two hours and 48 minutes at 10 miles per hour but this may not be manageable.

Running is also pretty cheap, with the Ocean Finance experts suggesting the activity will set you back £10 per pound (including the cost of supportive trainers and a gym membership).

They said: “While it’s good to change up which type of exercise you do per session to target different areas of the body in the longer term, our research found that straightforward cardio is the most cost-effective way to shift pounds.”

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